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  • What are Horizontal Mergers?
    on 21 February 2024

    Photo by m. on UnsplashSimilarly to horizontal restraints, horizontal mergers are mergers between firms that directly compete — take the Discovery and Capital One merger from just a few days […]

  • What are Horizontal Restraints?
    on 21 February 2024

    Photo by Paul Fiedler on UnsplashHorizontal restraints are contractual agreements between competing firms that restrain trade, such as by fixing prices, limiting production, rigging bids or […]

  • Economic Rent in the Oil Market
    on 27 December 2023

    U.S. Industrial Production (FRED).Economic rent is excess income earned from a resource over the amount that is required to maintain the production and use of the resource.Economic rent is thus very […]

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