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  • What is the Differentiated Bertrand Model?
    on 4 May 2024

    Photo by Campaign Creators on UnsplashThe Differentiated Bertrand Model is a theoretical model used in economics that explores competition and pricing behavior among firms producing, as inferred, […]

  • What is UPP in economics?
    on 4 May 2024

    Photo by David Vives on UnsplashUPP, which stands for Upward Pricing Pressure, is a measure used in merger analysis to determine whether a given merger will result in higher prices for consumers.It […]

  • What is the HHI in economics?
    on 4 May 2024

    Photo by Kaleidico on UnsplashThe Herfindahl index, known as the Herfindahl–Hirschman Index or HHI, measures the size of firms in relation to the industry they operate in. Thus, it provides […]

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